Cinema attendance following Public Health and Village Cinema requirements.

Social Distancing  -  Hand Washing/Sanitizing.

Hand sanitizer provided in cinema foyer and entrance to each cinema.

Cinemas in order of use (Filling) 3;2;1

  • Individual members choice to wear mask, gloves, shield.
  • Stay at home if feeling ill - coughing, sneezing etc. 
  • No early arrival to cinema (do not come more than 30 minutes early), and queue with Social Distancing.
  • Card needed to enter - if misplaced please contact to arrange a replacement.
  • Card out to allow fast scanning. 
  • Card entry allows authorities to contact trace, if necessary.
  • Cinema ushers will show you to ALLOCATED seats - moving between cinemas not allowed. Please accept where ushers place you.
  • No holding/reserving of seats. Arrive together; enter together; or wait outside cinema for your party to arrive, then enter together.
  • Exit promptly at end of film, & practice Social Distancing.

LFS thanks members for practicing these rules, allowing Village cinemas to manage members attendance. 

Screening times are Monday & Thursday at 6pm, Wednesday 4 and 6.30pm.