Launceston Film Society

The Launceston Film Society is one of the largest film societies in Australia, boasting a membership of approximately 1,150. The origins of the LFS date back to 1949, and the society aims to provide and promote the opportunity for the viewing of films of merit, and encourage interest in film as an art form. 

Members enjoy 40 films each year, screening on Monday at 6pm, Wednesday at 4pm, and Thursday at 6pm during the school term at the Village Cinema in Brisbane St, Launceston. Film selection is usually from recent releases, and often includes foreign films with subtitles. Films that have or will be screened commercially by Village cinemas will not be screened by LFS. See “what’s on” and previous copies of Newsreel to see what LFS has screened recently.

The Village Cinemas in Launceston have had a long partnership with the LFS. It is a mutually beneficial partnership, and without the goodwill of Village the LFS could not exist in its present form.

The LFS is actively involved in the Australian Film Society movement, and is a member of TFOFS (Tasmanian Federation of Film Societies), which is on ACOFS (Australian Council of Film Societies). A LFS Committee Member attends the meetings of the Federation and the Council, and the LFS hosted the ACOFS AGM in 2011.

Current Committee

Life Members

For past services provided to the continuation of the Launceston Film Society, the following people have been granted life membership:

  • Barbara Murphy
  • Caroline Ball
  • David Heath
  • Michèle McGill
  • Peter Gillard
  • Rodney O’Keefe
  • Stan Gottschalk
  • Kim Pridham
  • Richard Ireland
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Janez Zagoda

Executive Committee

Mark Horner

Executive Committee

Edward Beswick

Executive Committee

Gail Bendall

Executive Committee

Gill Ireland

Membership Secretary
Executive Committee

Anne Green

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Tania Harvey

Thomas Butler

Thomas Butler