About Membership

LFS Membership is paid on an annual basis (2023 – $140.00) Benefits include:

  • 40 films each year** (at approximately $3.50 per film)
  • A choice of three nights each week to attend one of four screenings of the film (Monday at 6pm, Wednesday at 4pm or 6.30pm, Thursday at 6pm)
  • Modern cinema with state of the art digital screening technology
  • Receiving a copy of Newsreel with news and reviews of each film for the term
  • Attending a film voting function at the end of each term
  • Concession priced tickets at Village Cinema screenings
  • Discussing films with other members on the website

Click membership to renew OR becoming a member of Launceston Film Society. During November and December each year our existing members can renew for the following year. New members can also join during this period. Currently the annual membership fee is $140.


Please note that new members will need to upload a photo for their membership cards – make sure you have a suitable photo available.

As a bonus, NEW members who join before the end of the year are able to view the last films of the current year. Present proof of payment for entry until your membership card arrives ( allow about 3 weeks)   

Screenings are in 4 terms, similar to the school terms. This is because we are unable to use to use the cinema during school holidays - it's also a chance for the hardworking volunteers who run the society to have a break!

During the year we usually have 2 intakes for new members, one at Easter and one half way through the year.

If you apply to join outside these intake times you will be put on a waitlist and advised when the intake is open. 

Conditions of Membership

The LFS is a “Members Only” society.

Our screening licence requires that admission to screenings is for members only. This means that it is not possible to lend your membership card to another person, even if you will not be attending the film. You may be asked to provide identification.

Membership Cards Will Be Scanned

Your membership card will be electronically scanned before admission. The only information on the card is your name and membership number. Scanning of the cards provides the committee with information about attendance at screenings and to enable tracing should that become necessary. Each membership is valid for use (by the member) for one screening per week. If you do not have your card, a committee member will be there to assist. If you are a paid up member you will be admitted to see the movie, but please understand that you may be delayed entry while other members are admitted.

Seating Is Not Guaranteed at LFS Screenings

The Launceston Film Society proudly boasts a membership of approximately 1,250 members. The largest cinema at the Village complex holds around 290 people, providing a maximum capacity of 1200 seats per week over four sessions. A seat cannot be guaranteed at any of our screenings, however it is very rare that members cannot all be seated.

Respecting Village Cinema Admittance Requirements

LFS members who arrive after the film has started must be seated. Please do not sit or stand at the back wall as this is a fire safety issue. Village conditions of food and beverages apply whilst you are attending LFS screenings.

Reserved Seats in the Back Row

Please observe the “Reserved Seats” signs. These are for the committee members who are in the foyer. Seats are also reserved for members with special needs. If you have a special need, please make yourself known to a committee member. A committee member will remove the signs at the start of the film.

Censorship Classifications

The censorship classification of each of the films screened is given in Newsreel and consumer guidance (e.g. violence, or explicit sexual scenes). Films classified as R and MA 15+ and MA are often selected, and persons under the appropriate age limit will not be admitted. Members are encouraged to check consumer warnings given for each film for individual suitability.

Lost Cards

Lost cards will be replaced for a cost of $10, by applying online. Your new card will be posted out to you. You can still attend films whilst this process takes place – please notify the Committee Member at the door.

**Inability to Screen

It is the intention of Launceston Film Society to screen 40 films each year. Payment of your membership fees entitles you to ordinary membership of the Launceston Film Society which confers upon you a number of benefits including the potential opportunity to view up to 40 films per year (subject to seating availability and screening restrictions). The LFS Committee reserves the right to provide any refunds. Please note that membership fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable.  Pro-rata refunds for membership fees are not available. Where the ability to screen films is impaired for an extended period (greater than 1 month) due to unforeseen circumstances, discounts may be offered in respect of the renewal membership fees in the following year at the discretion of the Committee.

Change of Address (Postal and/or Email)

If you change your address, please click “Update your details”. Updating your details will ensure that you continue to receive Newsreel and information about renewing membership.

Transferring Your Membership

Memberships cannot be transferred. Membership of the LFS is managed through a waiting list, as demand for membership exceeds availability. If you know someone who would like to become a member, please encourage them to join the waiting list.

Members Requests

Members are welcome to email suggestions for films; please note that we are aware of films that are reviewed in the press and on TV. It is the films that slip beneath the radar that we are most happy to learn about. Please check that we have not already screened the film by using the search function on the website to check back copies of Newsreel.